My name i Kjell Insulander. I'm the creator of Coneline and this is my story.


Coneline is the result of many years of development work and experience of flywheel training.

It all starded in 2010 when I got addicted to flywheel training after being intoduced to a YoYo-Squat.

Together with my sister and a couple of GIH students who had scientifically studied flywheel training, the work began. We started a company. I made a design and produced a number of prototypes at our company Hallings Metallkomponent AB .

In 2011 therfirst product was launched. It was well received by primarily physiotherapists and performance coaches.

Small scale production started at Hallings and upgraded versions were launched in a tight pace. It was inspiring but at the same  time took a lot of resources.

In 2013, - Hallings had to focus the business to subcontracting. So we left the training industry.

But in my mind the thoughts of flywheel training remained stubbornly. Perhaps it was due to the ”box” in the basement, which was used so frequently by the whole family.

The machine was great. But it had limitations. Time went by and the more I figured, the more crystallized a better product. A conical shaft, a rope, lower profile, 3D movement, long ROM, smarter manufacturing... 

It simply could not be let alone. I just had to create the best flywheel training machine in the world.

After many long nights modelling, calculations and testing, Coneline PL5 (later Full-Forcer) was released at the Fitness Festival in Stockholm in 2016.


I have left Hallings Metallkomponent AB and started a new company - Inio AB with 150% focus on Coneline. Hallings is still a major supplier.

After 25 years as owner and CEO of Hallings Metallkomponent AB, I know how to run a business at a global market and I know the manufacturing industry quite well. I also know how to find the right suppliers and the importance of having a keen ear. I strongly believe this is the way to true quality and performance. And this is why Coneline always will be made in Sweden.


The potential in Flywheel training is huge and Coneline will stay in the lead. Not in quantity, but in functionality, innovation (I know...) and customer satisfaction.

I just love to see people loving my creations. Thats whats drives me.

Kjell Insulander - flywheel training addicted engineer and entrepreneur.


Exxentric k-box Summer 2011.