The laws of physics - The energy is stored in a flywheel in order to release it during the way back. This means optimum force and resistance – All the way! - Always!

Perfect resistance and unlimited force -  No ticking point, just optimum concentric resistance and eccentric force during the the whole movement - in every repetition.

Your muscles will always be able to make one more repetition.



Training in 3D - Long traing 3m motion in all directions enables functional traing patterns with optimal resistance and force. Go functional!

Lightweight and low friction - Lifting weight and overwinning friction is energy lost.

All add-ons are lightweight. And internal friction extremely low.

Meassure progress - products and software for meassuring and evaluating power and force.

Smartcoach  K-invent 


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optimized speed

Optimized speed - Even speed and smooth turnaround. Progressive and balanced ratio combined with high inertia is a unique Coneline feature.

finess couple

Addictive training for everyone - No matter your goals, fitness or just to keep your health, seeing and feeling the difference will raise them. Flywheel training is addictive. 

Full control of the eccentic force - Overload the flywheel concentric by adding more momentum using auxiliary muscles.  Or just break the force during a shorter distance. Its brutal, safe and fun at the same time!


Unlimited possibilities - Unlimited possibilities to create exercises. Long movements without ticking point, 3D motion direction, selectable speed, diagonal mounting.


Sport Performance and fitness - For all athletes. Flywheel training is scientifically proven to be superior to traditional weight training in many cases. 


Safety first - Designed with safety in focus. Low center of gravity, difficult to reach moving parts. Horizontal-acting gyro forces, large footprint, low profile and ergonomic add-ons.